Winter Scholastic Report

16 players participated in the Main Line Chess and Games Winter
Scholastic on January 22, 2017.

The event featured two sections, with Open and Under 1250 players
grouped in one and U750 players competing in the other.

11 players received trophies in the event.

International Master Tom Bartell (chief director) and Life Master Todd
Lunna (assistant director) directed the event for Main Line Chess and

Open Section Winner

Anshu Nunemunthala

Under 1250 Section Winners

Front row, from left to right: Rohit Krishnan (1st place), Herman Kolluri
(2nd), Bineet Raj Roy (3rd), Javen Kwok (4th), Nwakoby Dumeto Onugn

Open winner Anshu Nunemunthala is in back.

Under 750 Section Winners

From left to right: Yajaf Gupta (1st place), Siddhant Suresh (2nd), Sage
Sawhney (3rd), Lillian Poliquin (4th), Atharv Nunemunthala (5th).

Trophies in the sunlight.

We will also host Scholastic events will on March 25th, April 23rd & July
Main Line Chess & Games
Main Line Chess & Games