About Tom Bartell

Thomas Bartell, FIDE International Master, developed chess ability at an early
He played on the COLLINS KIDS TEAM against the Icelandic Youth Team at
the 1996 Chess Sage.   Bobby Fisher’s teacher, Jack Collins, took Tom and
teammates to a rematch in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Tom’s rating won him a place on Pressman Junior All American Chess Team.   
He qualified to play in the 2001 GM Arnold Denker Tournament of High
School Champions, winning clear 1st place and a scholarship to the University
of Texas, Dallas.
An exciting 2003 US Junior Chess Open saw Tom Bartell and FIDE IM Sal
Bercys tied for 1st place.  His co-champion represented Edward R. Morrows
HS, starring in the hit movie, “KINGS of NEW YORK.”

With roots in New Jersey, he became 2009 NJ Open co-Champion.  Now living
in PA, Tom welcomes all new chess players to this intellectual sport.  He
teaches all levels and helps players learn all fundamentals, over the board
and online.
IM title was earned in 2013.  Thomas Bartell is currently ranked #29 in the
country for quick rating at 2500, and is in Top 100 players overall, with 2509
rating.   He’s the owner operator of Mainline Chess and Games in Paoli, PA
and invites you to his store and website
Main Line Chess & Games